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Deluxe Gift Bundle: Mom-Life Mug & the "Lies Moms Believe" Book AND Bible Study

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This special gift bundle contains a "Mom-Life" mug as well as a paperback copy of BOTH "Lies Moms Believe (And How the Gospel Refutes Them)" AND "Lies Moms Believe: The Companion Bible Study" at the discounted price of $24.99 (each book retails separately for $14.99)! This set would make the perfect Mother's Day, birthday, or Christmas gift for the sweet mama in your life!

More info on the "Mom-Life" mug:

As moms, we have a million and one voices coming at us every day - voices from the culture, our friends, the "experts", our own parents, and others. Everyone is telling us what we should believe about motherhood, and here's the real kicker: everyone's message is different. Wouldn't it be nice to start off your day with the reminder that you no longer have to live in bondage to all the varied voices out there?

Well, now you can! As you sip your morning coffee (or afternoon tea!), you can be reminded on a daily basis of the freedom that is yours in Christ. Not even just eternal freedom, but freedom in the here and now, as well - freedom from lies, from unrealistic expectations, and from bondage in motherhood.

With the "Living the Mom-Life" Mug, you can be daily encouraged to look to Christ, and reminded to live out your life in #mommyfreedom!

The Mom-Life Mug:

~has a 14oz. capacity

~is dishwasher safe

~is microwave safe

~is white

~says on the front: "Living the Mom-Life Free From Lies" and on the back: "#mommyfreedom, John 8:32"

More info on "Lies Moms Believe":

As moms, we have voices coming at us from all directions on a daily basis – voices from the culture, the church, the parenting “experts”, our own parents, and others. And you know what the real kicker is? The voices all vary in what they are telling us is true! As if this weren’t confusing enough, add to it the fact that we are daily bombarded by lies from our old enemy, Satan, as well, and we are left with an overwhelming cesspool of deception.

But take heart, mama. There is good news! We are not left to our own devices in motherhood, desperately trying to sift through all the voices on our own. God, in His infinite mercy and grace, has provided us with unchanging truth in His Word that is able to combat each and every lie that could ever be thrown at us. We need only to study the Scriptures, seeking to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ”.

That is the heart behind Lies Moms Believe. In this book, Rebekah seeks to show you once and for all that the Gospel is not simply Good News for your eternity. It is Good News for the here and now as well, and is relevant and applicable to each and every lie and struggle you face in motherhood.

With warmth, transparency, and an unwavering passion for truth, Rebekah addresses 32 of the most common lies moms believe today about the importance of motherhood, children, the role of a mom, and more. Tackling such lies as: “I am to find my identity and ultimate fulfillment in motherhood”, “Mothering is unimportant work”, and “I have to be a perfect mom”, she shows how God’s Word applies to all the lies out there, whether practical or spiritual. You will come away inspired, encouraged, and motivated as never before to live out your days as a mother with passion, joy, purpose, and freedom. As Jesus told us in John 8:32, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

6x9" paperback, 298 pages

More info on the Companion Bible Study:

In Lies Moms Believe, Rebekah shared how applicable the truths of the gospel are to every lie and struggle faced in motherhood.

Now, in Lies Moms Believe: The Companion Bible Study, she welcomes readers to dig even deeper into the truths of God's Word to discover additional, practical ways to apply what they are learning to their own unique situation.

With an emphasis on stories of men and women in the Bible as well as direct teachings from the Lord, this study will renew readers' minds with God's truth as they take what He has said and watch it make a difference in their lives.

Containing sections for studying the Word, applying the Word, praying the Word, and memorizing the Word, as well as a full appendix of additional Bible study tools, this study is sure to encourage moms in their mothering journey.

8x10" paperback, 326 pages

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Deluxe Gift Bundle: Mom-Life Mug & the "Lies Moms Believe" Book AND Bible Study

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